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Pulled Pork Sandwiches in Atlanta

One thing that may become obvious after you move to Atlanta is that everyone has their own favorite barbecue venue in town. Regardless of whether you ask your Atlanta mover, or your new next-door neighbor, every local will most likely have a different barbecue restaurant that they consider “the best.”

In any event, Atlanta has the undisputed best pulled pork sandwiches around! Make sure to check out the following barbecue restaurants once your Atlanta moving company have finished unpacking all of your belongings for you.

  1. For those who like to keep it traditional, Smokebelly BBQ offers one of the best classic pulled pork sandwiches in town.
  2. Twenty-Two Storys has the locals’ mouths watering over their Sweetwater-braised pork sliders topped with cider slaw and homemade barbecue sauce.
  3. Foundation Social Eatery serves up two specialty pork sandwiches. Chef Mel Toledo takes the credit for his choice between a Vietnamese or French pulled pork sandwich variation. The Vietnamese-inspired pork belly bahn mi sandwich is topped with spicy mayo, pickled Asian vegetables, mint, and herbs on a baguette. His French version features “Croque Madame,” which is a combination of braised pork shoulder, cheese, and a soft-cooked egg.
  4. Table & Main has what is known to your Atlanta movers as Hog ‘n Quilts. This pulled pork sandwich in Atlanta is created with barbecue pork shoulder chive crepe and traditional slaw, drizzled with a Georgia vinegar sauce.
  5. Hard Rock Café Atlanta offers one of the best pulled pork sandwiches in Atlanta. With so many toppings that you may not be able to wrap your mouth around, Atlanta movers love this delectable pulled pork sandwich that is piled high with fried onions, cheeses, and jalapenos,

D.B.A Barbecue is home to the famous “Archie Bunker” pulled pork sandwich, which is topped with mac ‘n cheese, barbecue sauce, and then even more cheese. You can even add bacon!

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