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Good News for Atlanta Teacher Salaries

If you are a teacher who is moving to Atlanta this coming year, there is amazing news coming in regards to Atlanta teacher salaries.

According to recent news, appointees, working on school funding throughout the state for Governor Nathan Deal’s Education Reform Commission, were given permission to implement a plan that reimburses school districts for teacher pay.

Professional Atlanta movers, like All My Sons, have moved many families and teachers throughout the moving season. Although the re-evaluation of teacher pay seems great for some, it may not be so great for others.

The plan would change the current teacher pay scale in Atlanta (one that has existed for decades), which pays teachers with longer-serving terms and higher credentials more than that of a teacher who may be just starting out. With the new plan, every school district in the state would receive the same amount of money for every teacher. Then, teachers would be offered monetary incentives for students who perform well, especially in fields such as science or math. Obviously, this new plan is not winning the hearts of teachers who have been working in the districts for decades and have high-credentials. As a result, the plan does offer a grandfathered option for those Atlanta teachers’ salaries.

Regardless of the benefits, teachers who are moving to Atlanta are skeptical as to whether they will earn more or less after the program gets introduced for the 2016-2017 school year. Local teachers say that their fate will ultimately end up in the hands of their evaluation. Unfortunately, they are not yet sure what that will entail.

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