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Atlanta Side Dishes that Rule the City

Upon moving to Atlanta, you may not know that the city is famous for its amazing barbecue. What makes it even better are those little dishes that accompany your main course. Side dishes are creating a lot of buzz amongst the foodie population in town. Why? Because your burger comes with Redneck lasagna! Atlanta movers are no stranger to the delightful cuisine that can be found around town, so when new residents ask where the best places to eat are – movers might not have one solid answer.

If you are moving to Atlanta and are perfectly fine picking at numerous side-dishes rather than a large meal, the following venues will satiate your palate in a very big, yet small way.

– Community Q BBQ has Mac ‘N Cheese that has been described as “creamy, cheesy, dreamy and delicious.”

– Fox Bros. BBQ serves “Frito Pie,” which is chili served in a Fritos bag. This is a unique side-dish that every Atlantian has tried, and as a new resident, so should you!

– Twin Smokers’ best side-dish is their Collard Greens. Sounds simple, right? Atlanta movers would agree that collard greens seem easy to make everywhere, but Twin Smokers’ secret recipe keeps the locals coming back for their collard greens only.

– Heirloom BBQ is undeniably one of the most popular BBQ hot spots in Atlanta. Owned by a husband and wife, they combined Korean and Southern cultured cuisine to create a unique twist on barbecue that it (literally) has a line of customers outside their door, anxiously waiting for a serving of their Korean Sweet Potatoes.

– Sam’s BBQ-1 is perhaps cheating when it comes to Atlanta side-dishes that rule the city, since Sam’s #1 is actually located in Brunswick. Nonetheless, if you are moving to Atlanta you will definitely hear Sam’s name as the place to go for mac and cheese topped with Sam’s Brunswick stew, otherwise known as his famous Redneck Lasagna.

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