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Very soon, it may not be strange to see tiny houses in Athens. The tiny house craze has swept the state of Georgia and they are making headlines in our neighboring city of Atlanta. Before you call up your local Athens movers and schedule your move into a tiny house, learn more about why they’ve […]

In today’s real estate market, one thing is clear for Atlanta: home ownership is an affordable and wise investment. According to a study by Trulia, owning a home in Atlanta is affordable for 75% of the middle class, which is a figure determined by a few factors that the study took into consideration. Affordability was […]

Coca-Cola is considering a large commercial relocation that would amass a large portion of downtown Atlanta, according to a recent article by BizJournals. The company has been in negotiations with moving into and owning the SunTrust Plaza Tower, which runs 60 stories high. The Coca-Cola team would relocate about 1,000 predominantly IT jobs into the […]

According to a recent report created by the S&P/Case-Shiller home prices report, the Atlanta metropolitan area has experienced the highest year to year growth since 1992. In the region, home values have grown significantly with current numbers up 16.5 percent from February 2012 to February of this year. The current state of the market is […]

Everybody’s moving day is different. You may have a lot of packing and preparing to do, or your Atlanta movers may be providing you a full-service relocation to your new home –packing and all. Regardless of your specific moving needs though, everybody needs to be alert and energized on his or her moving day. Even […]

Listen up!  Or read up, if you are selling your house then you could benefit from a bit of little-known information.  Selling your house can be confusing if you don’t go through the motions involved very often.  In efforts to make your house more attractive to prospective buyers, it is very common to renovate your […]

Life throws you a curve ball every now and then.  Moving is something that we don’t always anticipate.  Maybe you’ve been suddenly promoted and assigned a new job title requiring you to move out of state!  Or maybe your girlfriend, who you love with all of your heart, just ripped that heart from your chest […]

It can be a nerve rattling and uneasy experience placing your treasured belongings in someone else’s hands, so you should make sure that they are reliable and caring. You can do this by asking the right questions and performing adequate research about a particular Atlanta moving company. Some great places to look to get information […]

Last week, U.S. News and World Report listed 10 cities where you can buy a home for less than $800 a month. Garnering the number 10 spot was the Atlanta Metropolitan area.  The study factored in a 20% down payment with the purchase.  Nevertheless, it’s easy to see that this is a great time to […]

The best way to prepare for your upcoming  move in Atlanta is to rid your home of clutter.  I recommend you take inventory of items you haven’t used in over a year and those you know it’s time to get rid of.  Some things can be designated for your garage sale before your move, while others may be […]