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Atlanta Ranks High for Home Affordability

In today’s real estate market, one thing is clear for Atlanta: home ownership is an affordable and wise investment. According to a study by Trulia, owning a home in Atlanta is affordable for 75% of the middle class, which is a figure determined by a few factors that the study took into consideration. Affordability was determined as a monthly mortgage payment in comparison to the metro Atlanta median household income.

The median household income in Atlanta is $54,628, and that makes a home costing $266,000 in the affordable range. Based on data compiled from the most recent MLS listings, 75% of homes for sale fall into that price range, bringing the affordability down from 2012 where there were 84% of homes listed under that price.

75% is a very affordable index for local buyers, and it isn’t too far behind the most affordable city in America (by this study’s standards), Akron, Ohio. In Akron, 86% of homes are affordable for middle class residents. On the flip side, the least affordable city in the country is San Francisco, where only 14% of homes are attainable to the middle class. 

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