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Tiny Houses in Athens are Popping up Everywhere!

Very soon, it may not be strange to see tiny houses in Athens. The tiny house craze has swept the state of Georgia and they are making headlines in our neighboring city of Atlanta. Before you call up your local Athens movers and schedule your move into a tiny house, learn more about why they’ve become so popular!

What Is a Tiny house?

A typical home in Athens is around 1,800 to 2,600 square feet. A tiny home is between 100 to 400 square feet. Almost the size of a single room!

Some tiny homes are mobile, but as the movement gains popularity, more people are pushing to create neighborhoods in Atlanta with tiny homes that are built on foundations.

Why Live In Tiny Houses in Athens?

It has become a growing social movement and lifestyle shift to live the tiny life. People looking to downsize their lives are calling up Athens movers to pack their belongings to move into tiny homes. The idea behind tiny houses in Athens and all over the U.S. is that minimalism is a better way of life.

For people who are money conscious and those left skeptical after the housing market crash, these tiny homes in Athens are also an affordable alternative to purchasing massive houses.

Are Tiny houses Legal?

They have to be approved. Tiny houses where recently allowed in Atlanta in certain zones (R-5 zones which are typically zoned for duplexes.)

Soon, there may be tiny houses in Athens and Athens movers will likely be getting calls from people who want to move into tiny neighborhoods. The future of the movement throughout Georgia is still in question, but for the moment, Atlanta will have more tiny homes!

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