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Looking for climate controlled storage in Athens? The leading, local Athens storage company, All My Sons, offers significant storage space to accommodate all your storage needs. It is important to first make the distinction between temperature controlled and climate controlled storage units. Climate controlled units go the extra mile to protect your valued belonging from […]

According to the 2013 American Fitness Index, Atlanta ranks slightly above the middle with a ranking of 21 among 50 U.S. cities analyzed for their health score. This ranking is determined by a variety of factors, such as walking and biking paths, high quality drinking water, outdoor activities, healthy eating options, and many other criteria. […]

According to data compiled by the American Community Survey, the Atlanta metro area has a median income of $54,628 for 2012, which is higher, but not drastically so, then the number in 2011–$53,681. In addition, the poverty level was analyzed. In 2012, the poverty level was 16.6 percent, and it was a slightly smaller number […]

New construction is booming in the Atlanta metro, and a real estate firm known for building luxury residences, OliverMcMillan, has been working on increasing the pace of building Buckhead Atlanta. The luxury development will encompass 1.5 milion square feet on the River Oaks District, which is a luxury mixed use development that will feature 300,000 […]

The Central Perimeter area of the Atlanta metro is a growing real estate market that is showing appreciation significantly quickly. The Future of Central Perimeter forum which was presented at the end of last month assured potential buyers that aside from appreciation in the next few years, the expected appreciation in the next ten to […]

For the fifth month in a row, housing prices in the Metro Atlanta market have risen. A recent report that was released shows that the prices are rising in the region, but they are still lagging in comparison to January 2000 pricing levels. Alarmingly, Atlanta is one of the few major metro areas where home […]

Listen up!  Or read up, if you are selling your house then you could benefit from a bit of little-known information.  Selling your house can be confusing if you don’t go through the motions involved very often.  In efforts to make your house more attractive to prospective buyers, it is very common to renovate your […]

Life throws you a curve ball every now and then.  Moving is something that we don’t always anticipate.  Maybe you’ve been suddenly promoted and assigned a new job title requiring you to move out of state!  Or maybe your girlfriend, who you love with all of your heart, just ripped that heart from your chest […]

The best way to prepare for your upcoming  move in Atlanta is to rid your home of clutter.  I recommend you take inventory of items you haven’t used in over a year and those you know it’s time to get rid of.  Some things can be designated for your garage sale before your move, while others may be […]

Quite a scary day for some today. Especially if you have an Atlanta area move to scheduled for today. If your Atlanta mover has left you hanging, or has left you in a spooked state of mind for any reason… it is not too late to hire Atlanta professional movers here at All My Sons. […]