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Packing up to Move into a Tiny Home

The tiny house phenomenon has taken the nation by storm as couples and families are downsizing their big lives into small homes. It’s become a polarizing subject among homeowners – as to whether it makes sense to sell a house of a few thousand square feet and buy a property that takes up only an eighth of what they currently live in. Still, many people are requesting Atlanta moving services to help them “downgrade” their lifestyle, and the trend shows no signs of ending.

The Atlanta packing professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage caution every homeowner to do their research on what it means to move from a large house or apartment and into a tiny house. For example, consider how many of your personal items you truly need and which you can live without. It’s true that our team sees customers opt to leave items behind regularly, but disposing of items from a 3000-square foot home, so that they into a 350-square foot home, requires a lot more thought.

Furthermore, we recommend trying out living in a small space for a few weeks or a month before making the jump to full time tiny house living. Rent a hotel room or efficiency for a while to determine if less is truly best for you. The minimalist lifestyle doesn’t suit just anyone, however if you find yourself not needing more space, then you may be on to something.

Most importantly, think about how living in a tiny house will affect your children or future children. Tiny houses are great for singles and couples who want to spend most of their time traveling or exploring the great outdoors. Children on the other hand, can become flustered with having a small space to play in. It can also be tough on parents to manage family time. While there are many benefits to moving into a tiny house, there are also some drawbacks to consider. However, if you’ve thought it over and are set in your decision, then contact your local Atlanta moving service professionals now, and get set for your new life!

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