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How to Pack for a Summer Vacation

Summer is upon us, meaning most people will be taking a much-needed vacation. Our Atlanta packing service professionals at All My Sons Moving & Storage want you to be well equipped as you prepare to partake in sunny skies and clear waters. Follow these tips to learn how to pack your bags and get the most out of your summer vacation.


Make a List of Everything You Need – If you’re going to go on a trip, you want to be sure that you have everything you need as access to certain items may not be available. Take advantage of the extra time you have now and sort out your list beforehand. Consider the weather, and local amenities.


Pack as Lightly as Possible – Don’t forget to leave room for souvenirs and memories! Try making use of space, like filling your shoes with socks, etc. The key is to maximize your luggage room like your Atlanta packing service professionals would if they were packing for you themselves.


Keep Valuables With you – Packing up to go on a flight? Put your valuables in your carry-on bag to prevent loss or damage. You don’t want your jewelry, electronics or sentimental items being separated from you as airports can sometimes misplace luggage.


Fold and Roll – Surprisingly, people still throw clothes into their luggage until it overflows. This is a fatal flaw of packing. Roll up T-Shirts, underwear and anything else that isn’t too wrinkle prone. Line up the bottom of your luggage with the rolled items and lay your remaining folded clothes on top. This will allow you to bring more clothing while saving space.

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