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Atlanta Regulations for Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are a great way to not only eat fresh produce, but to also support the local economy. Atlanta has decided to enact regulations pertaining to farmers markets to ensure that they remain family-friendly places that are protected under the law.

Now, the Atlanta movers hear that the ordinances are along the lines of:

*Farmers markets inventory must be at least 75%  produce or baked goods, jams,  cheeses and meats

*A police officer must be on location for security. Discounted rates are offered to farmers markets for obtaining and renewing police aid

What do you think? Should the government regulate what is sold at farmers markets? Should they stick to simply serving produce? Some feel that it’s better for the farmers markets to be well-rounded, offering food that could be combined to create full meals, not just the side dishes. Also, should these often mom-and-pop operations be required to allot an amount of their budget to paying an officer to patrol the facility?

The regulations will be brought before the Atlanta City Council with a vote intended for this fall.

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