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Selling Your Packing Supplies in Atlanta

So, you just made a successful move to Atlanta- congrats! Our Atlanta movers are glad you are here. Whether you used our customizable packing services in Atlanta or packed on your own, you now have piles of moving supplies leftover from your Atlanta movers that you are not sure what to do with. Before you make a big trip to the recycling bin, make sure you consider selling your packing supplies!

Boxcycle is a used boxes marketplace that allows users to sell their used or new packing supplies and boxes. Sellers can list packing paper sheets and rolls, cushion foam sheets and rolls, bubble wrap rolls, and both biodegradable and regular packing peanuts. These supplies must be listed in specific units. Sheets must be listed in pounds, rolls are listed in feet and packing peanuts in cubic feet. Make sure you know the size of the supplies, how tightly they are packed, what they weigh and the quantity that you have.

It is a lot easier to sell used supplies in standard quantities. Selling in packs will lower commission costs from BoxCycle and be the most desirable for buyers. If you have specialty boxes from your Atlanta movers you can sell those as well, such as electronic boxes, file boxes, wine boxes, etc. Visit for more details.

There are also plenty of creative ways to use the packing supplies you have left over from your packing services in Atlanta in your new home for organization, storage and produce freshness. And of course, if you want to recycle or give away the boxes, donate to a local charity who may be looking for moving supplies or storage boxes.



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