Rentals are a Hot Market in Atlanta

A new building boom is coming into the Atlanta metro market, and though it involves the construction of many new homes, it isn’t with the intent to sell them. A Connecticut investment company has started a fundraising campaign to build $100 million in homes to cater to the rental market in the area, and they are not alone. With a large influx of residents and a subsequent amount leaving, many people are locking for a home to rent rather than lock themselves into a mortgage in a place they might not stay. The Alpharetta local movers have learned that the rental market is on fire in the area, with most listed rentals occupied within 10-14 days if they are clean and priced right.

With a high demand rental market, the quality of the homes available for rent has risen accordingly. Rentals located within the perimeter offer a reasonable commute for professionals and are the most appealing for those looking for a rental home. If you are the landlord renting the property, be sure to screen potential tenants to ensure your home remains in the condition that you leased it out.