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Fewer Homes for Sale in Metro Atlanta

According to recent comments regarding the real estate availability in the Atlanta metro area, there is a slim market of available housing in the region. The lack of homes available for new buyers has stiffened the existing market as many homeowners hold on to their properties in an attempt to recover from underwater mortgages. The Atlanta movers have found that the current available inventory in the area is down 32 percent this February in comparison to February 2012. The drop in inventory is poised to be a positive sign for the area as the demand for new homeowners to make purchases grows.

For now, experts say the local market is still on the side of buyers. If you can find a property that you like, the prices and interest rates are still historically low. Despite small rises in Atlanta metro house prices, the growth is minimal and isn’t back up to the value that these properties once held. Prices eventually will increase, however, and the market will shift in favor sellers–quite likely at some point in 2013.

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