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Atlanta Residents Fill-up for the Holidays

As gas prices reach a record low, Atlanta residents are racing to the pumps in order to fill-up for the holidays.

Crude oil barrel prices dropped from $100 to $80, resulting in lower gas prices across the nation.

The national average has reached a four-year record low, at $2.84. In Georgia, the average price per gallon has plummeted to $2.79.

Georgia resident Deianne Kennedy told Channel 2’s Dave Huddleston that gas prices in metro Atlanta are cheaper than in the Midwest, so she fills up in the big city.

“We love the gas prices down here, because up north they are sky high and when we come down here it’s really, really cheap,” says Kennedy.

AAA spokesperson Garrett Townsend says that his company estimates that 1.2 million drivers will be traveling the Atlanta roadways this Thanksgiving and recommends that unless you want to spend your holiday stuck in traffic, avoid the roads the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and the Sunday after.

If you are moving to Atlanta before the end of the year, you may be able to have a more affordable move, saving hundreds of dollars on gas prices and fuel costs for your hired moving company. Your local Atlanta movers suggest that you take advantage of the lower price per gallon and plan your move before gas prices inevitably rise.

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