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Urban Sprawl Ending in Atlanta?

For a long time, Atlanta has been dubbed the poster child of urban sprawl, a moniker that might soon be coming to an end. According to a recent study by the Atlanta Regional Commission and Georgia Tech found that the civil engineering of the city of Atlanta is an example for the rest of the country with its copious amounts of walkable urban places, or “WalkUPs” for short.

The Atlanta local movers know that Atlanta has been creating WalkUPs since the mid 1990s in an effort to build denser urban areas with an increase in single of two-person households in this region and less children, as families with kids moved more toward outlying suburban areas.

Findings from the study have shown that 74 percent of the established walkable urban areas in the metro area are spread out throughout the large city, with 16 of the areas in Atlanta proper and 27 are in areas served by rail transit. The Atlanta Beltline is a great example as it is a 22 mile loop of parks, trails, and transit that will ultimately connect 45 neighborhoods

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