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Moving this Spring?

The winter season has been brutal, but things are looking up as Spring draws near.  Many choose the spring and summer months to relocate.  Are you seeking a move in Atlanta this Spring?  If so, let me offer a few nuggets to aid with your upcoming move.

  • Identify your moving budget.
  • Get moving quotes.  The spring and summer months are busy months for movers.  So to ensure you receive the best day and time for your move begin your search now.
  • Book the move ASAP.
  • Prepare your home by discarding uncessary items and trash.  Consider selling unwanted items online or at a garage sale.
  • Secure packing materials and pack.
  • Place boxes in a centralized location in the home for easy access.
  • Schedule necessary postal changes and utility changes.
  • Empty appliances and defrost.
  • Go over move plan with foreman.
  • Inventory items as they depart existing home and arrive at new home.

The above list is just a few ways you can prepare for your upcoming move in Atlanta.  Ping me if you have questions about items not covered above.

Good moving to ya!

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