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Mistakes That Buyers Make

Buying a new home can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Luckily, the Atlanta movers are here to help you avoid common mistakes and errors that homebuyers sometimes make. With our help, you will be more likely to avoid getting yourself in a sticky situation or over your head.

1. Resist Impulse Purchasing. Buying a house is a huge monetary commitment. Don’t let a realtor or seller pressure you to act immediately and avoid missing out–you may end up locking yourself into a mortgage that you really can not afford.

2. Having no boundaries. You should have a clear idea of the house you want, from the number of floors to the size of the driveway. Going in without a plan or a strategy opens you up to wasting time viewing houses that aren’t a right fit and also homes that may be out of budget regardless of sticker prices–such as high utilities or HOA fees.

3. Avoiding mortgage pre-approval. You should absolutely be pre-approved for a mortgage. If you come across a house that meets your criteria and expectations, a pre-approval is likely to help you lock in a mortgage without tapping your foot waiting on the lender.

4. Trying to go it alone. Cutting corners and avoiding using industry professionals can not only hurt you financially in the long run, but you may be agreeing to a contract you don’t completely understand. You need to pony up the money to pay a real estate lawyer, a home inspector, and an agent.

Follow our tips and you should be on the way to a happy and easy home buying experience. Best of luck!

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