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Millennials: The Most Generous People in America

Millennials are classified as the generation who were born after 1980 and before 2000, and they can take the seldom critical beating from the older generation for not being “educated” or as “in-tune” with the world surrounding them as they “should” be.

Their social media savviness may anger elders when they are constantly staring at their cellphones; however, Millennials’ use of social media has made them the biggest givers in the country.

Millennials’ expertise in social media has raised A LOT of money; the largest two: Movember and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In fact, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a Millennial invention that set records and created the largest growth in awareness for the disease of ALS-Lou Gehrig’s disease.

But out of all Millennials, who are the most generous? Women. 91 percent of female Millennials give money to charity each year, despite their student loans.

Although Millennials got their start during the largest economic depression since the Great Depression, they are the model citizens for giving back in America.

Since Atlanta is ranked as one of the most affordable cities for Millennials, if you are moving to the area and have a charity or fundraiser, getting some of our local Millennials on board your campaign will do it wonders. If you are a Millennial and are moving to Atlanta, let our local moving company donate our time to you, by letting us take care of your move.

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