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Moving can be a nightmare, and most often people commit common moving mistakes that can easily have been avoided if more thought and planning was put into the move. Local Athens movers have put together a list of the most common moving mistakes made when hiring movers. For your upcoming move to or from Athens, be sure to avoid these mistakes!

1. Hiring movers last minute. This is not the best method to approach moving. Every move is different and the local movers of Athens know how important it is to treat every move as a new and unique project. Hiring movers at the last minute can reduce the company’s ability to properly plan and strategize your move as well as could result in inconvenience scheduling if the company does not have the resources to properly accommodate you.

2. Opting out of an On-Site Estimate or consultation. When you opt to not have an in-home consultation you may receive inaccurate estimates. Without looking at your home, your Athens movers may not be able to anticipate any special requirements, obstacles, or other information that can affect your bottom line.

3. Choosing the lowest priced movers. The saying “you get what you pay for” certainly applies to hiring movers. Although cheaper, the lowest priced movers are not always the best option. When hiring Athens movers, you are entrusting these people with all your possessions. It is imperative to find reliable and trustworthy movers that are licensed and offer the services you need for your move. Look for licensed and insured companies to avoid any problems, should an accident happen.

4. Not planning ahead. As one of the most common moving mistakes, it can also be one of the most devastating. Local Athens movers, All My Sons, know that having a proper plan will make moving day more efficient and smoother. Proper packing and planning will make sure all items are packed efficiently and delivered to the correct rooms in your new home. Hiring movers that offer planning services will help reduce the stress in your next move.

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