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Bieber Fans Outlash Over Grammy Upset

Who is Esperanza Quesadilla Spalding?  That’s what droves of angry Justin Bieber fans want to know as their beloved teenaged heartthrob left The Grammy Awards Ceremony empty-handed on Sunday night.  Bassist/singer/song-writer, Esperanza Spalding, picked up the award for ‘best new artist’ which apparently angered Bieber devotees to the point where Spalding’s Wikipedia page became a target for revenge.  Outraged fanatics spangled the jazz-artist’s Wiki page with profane, hateful messages, and even childishly inserted “Quesadilla” in between Esperanza Spalding’s first and last names to top it all off.  There are clearly a large number of Bieber fans that have some growing-up to do and lessons to learn in good sportsmanship.  Your Atlanta professional movers congratulate the incredibly talented Ms. Spalding on her surprise weekend win at the Grammy’s!  As for the talented Justin Bieber, better luck next year; may you win many awards, and may your fans grow more mature than they were this year!
As a reputable Atlanta moving company, we can relate to Esperanza’s recent bout with internet terrorists.  Many less-than-reputable movers out there have been known to use the internet as a weapon against their most feared competition; yours truly!  What better confirmation that you’re doing a good job than to see the competition stooping to such immature levels in response to your greatness, eh Esperanza?  You’ll never catch your trusty Atlanta movers bashing rival moving companies.  Furthermore; no e-terrorism can take away from the truths our customers rely on each time they require relocation services in Atlanta.  Your Atlanta movers are on top of the moving industry, and we certainly didn’t get to the top by invalidly dragging competitors’ names through the mud; maybe bottom-of-the-barrel movers in Atlanta will learn one day that their efforts are hardly worth the trouble!

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