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Atlanta Sales Are Up, But Prices Stay Down

Atlanta area home sales are growing month over month, but the listing prices for homes in the area isn’t reflective of that trend quite yet. Despite the fact that demand is there, local professionals have shown concern that the market is still to fragile to raise prices significantly. The Alpharetta movers have found that the appraisal industry might be the cause–considering demand is up, supply is dwindling and new construction is picking up, all signs point to higher prices and a strengthening market, yet that is not the case.

One reason for cautious pricing likely stems from the sky-high prices that Atlanta properties held from before the recession that left many homeowners falling upside down on their mortgages and also into foreclosure proceedings. Additionally, houses that are in depressed state, such as foreclosure, short sale, and bank owned, drag down the value of nearby homes, so until that aspect of the market calms there isn’t much hope for rising Atlanta real estate prices.

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