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An Organization Tip from your Atlanta Mover

There is more to a well organized entertainment center or computer work station than what meets the eye.  You may have a space for all of your gadgets, DVDs, papers and such, but wires and cords are also a big part of the organization picture when it comes to areas which house electronics in your home.  Since most of your electronic devices have similar-looking cords, it can be hard to conduct any rewiring if you happen to upgrade to a blue ray player, or if you frequently find yourself plugging or unplugging devices from your television or computer.  One very simple and very useful strategy when it comes to electronic devices and their cords is to use colored tape to identify your wires!  You can use a different color of tape for each wire, or use one color and identify each cord according to the number of stripes of tape are on each one.  Use tape at both ends of each cord so that you can always tell which cord goes to which device.  You’ll be especially glad that you took the time to truly organize your gadgets when the time comes to hire Atlanta movers and relocate to your next home; setting up each station will be a cinch!

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