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For those who were born and raised in Georgia, you might think your pastimes and culture are typical, but for those who are moving to Athens, you have some catching up to do! Living in Athens can have some significant changes in your life, you know besides the actual move! Below is a list of what you can expect to learn about Georgians, after moving to Athens.

1.Sweet tea is taken very seriously! As you spend more time living in Athens you will learn that ordering sweet tea at a restaurant does not mean unsweet tea with a bunch of sugar packets. As the home of sweet tea, you will learn to love it and appreciate it!

2. Fresh produce is always a thing. Georgia is home to some of the country’s best farmers and those lucky enough to be living in Athens have access to some of the best produce around. If you are moving to Athens, make sure to visit the local farmer’s markets and enjoy locally grown products.

3. After moving to Athens, you can expect a cheaper light bill. Georgia is one of the leading states in the production of lumber and pulpwood. With so much forestry on hand, it’s no wonder they’re electricity generation from pulpwood is so high. All this electricity means cheaper electric bills!

4. As you spend more time living in Athens, you’ll learn that not all trees are the same. There is a white oak tree in Athens that has ownership over itself. Years ago, Colonel William Henry Jackson deeded the white oak trees ownership to itself. Although the original tree died, it spawned an offspring and that tree has no inherited the same privileges as its ancestor.

5. Finally, moving to Athens will certainly put your respiratory to the test. Pollen is everywhere, but as a local living in Athens you’ll get used to it in no time!

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