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If you are moving near the Atlanta area, Roswell moving companies want you to know that there are many job openings in the area! The following places are looking to hire this month:

Store Manager – Lou & Grey Avalon — Ann, Inc.

Store Management Trainee — Kohl’s

Automotive General Manager — Jiffy Lube

Retail Senior Store Associates/Store Associates — Tuesday Morning

Retail Furniture Sales Associate / Home Entertainment Expert — Games & Things

Sales Associate, Retail Part Time — GNC

Cashiers / Sales Associates — Michaels Arts & Crafts

Full-Time Center Associate — UPS Store #0263

Store Associate — ALDI

G rocery Store Clerk Multiple Departments — Kroger

Sales Associate — PETCO

Sales Consultant — CarMax

Cashier Team Member — Target

Teller — BB&T

Restaurant Team Member Crew (374 Roswell) — Chipotle

If you are moving to Roswell and will be needing a job, you can visit

The monumentally massive Cyclorama painting will be relocating from its Grant Park home, to the Atlanta History Center, as per discussions that date back to July of 2014. Cyclorama will soon be located adjacent to Zoo Atlanta, in a new structure that will be built on the Buckhead campus of the history center. The move is said to draw extra attention and crowds to Zoo Atlanta, so if you are moving to the area, you can visit the large painting, while taking a trip to see your favorite wildlife.

Moving Cyclorama came as just part of a multimillion dollar deal to expand upon the Zoo. Zoo Atlanta recently announced that they will be receiving up to a $20 million matching gift from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, in order to build a “grand new view”, turning the former home of the Cyclorama, into a special events center. The construction of the new special events center will reshape the entrance of Zoo Atlanta, and redesign the African savanna exhibit. However, if Zoo Atlanta will only receive a “matching” amount, so they must raise as much money as possible for the rebuild.

“It’s only as powerful as the gifts that come along to match it,” said Zoo Atlanta president and CEO Raymond King. “If we only raise $2 million, then it’s only a $2 million grant.”

Raising the money for the “grand new view” may prove to be difficult, since the Zoo just finished a $23 million project – the largest in its history – to build a new reptile and amphibian center; which is set to open sometime next year.

If you are moving to Atlanta this year, Zoo Atlanta is going to be the hottest family attraction come the year’s end, if all projects are passed and completed.

If you are moving to Atlanta this month and are looking for some place to take your children to let loose during the day… take them to the only place in town that is 126 years old and entertains children by day, but adults by night.

That’s right – Zoo Atlanta is not your typical zoo…well, it is during the day, but at night the park turns into Wild on the Rocks. Wild on the Rocks is the Zoo’s monthly cocktails and creatures after-work party, and it kicks off on May 14th this year. The theme for May is “Scaly Slimy Spectacular”, and once a month, starting at 6 p.m., adults can exhibit the animals, enjoy live music from Jules and the Gents, taste cocktails, delectable food from food trucks, and view zoo-centric art from local Atlanta artists.

If you will not be in the area in May, you can still get in on the after-work parties on June 11 for the “Art with Animals” – animals that paint. You can also come July 9th for “Eat. Prey. Love” – discover the hunting and mating habits of the zoo animals, and August 13th for the “Sunset Scavenger Hunt”. Admission per event is $15 for Zoo members, and $20 for non-Zoo members. If you are not a Zoo Atlanta member- you definitely will want to become one after delighting in one of the Zoo’s adult nights!

If you are moving to Georgia, you will be joining one of the country’s greatest men, who loved the state as his retreat and second home. Throughout history, United States presidents have had their own, personal destinations for when they need to get away for a while and escape being the most powerful man in the world for a day or two. Thomas Jefferson frequented Monticello, George Bush had a ranch in Texas, and the Kennedy’s had a family-owned compound on Cape Cod. But for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Warm Springs, Georgia was his sanctuary.

In 1920, Roosevelt had run for vice president and lost. In 1921, he was diagnosed with polio. After hearing about a polio patient who benefited from swimming in the springs of Warm Springs, GA, he started vacationing there. It wasn’t long before Roosevelt fell in love with Warm Springs and continued to visit and swim in the springs throughout his entire presidency, even when Pearl Harbor happened; he called his sanctuary the Little White House.

In 1927, Roosevelt bought a 2,000 acre resort in the springs and turned it into a polio treatment center, not only for himself, but also for other polio patients.

If you are moving to Warm Springs, Warm Springs moving companies hope that you will love the area as much as Roosevelt did. There are many stories from the locals, of their children swimming with Roosevelt in the springs, like many polio patients have.

In 1945, the beloved president was posing for a picture at the Little White House and fainted from a pain in his back, he never woke up and was buried in Warm Springs.

If you are new to the area, be sure to check out this very popular and serene Georgia destination.

Don’t live in Georgia? That’s okay, you can still win the GA lotto…apparently.

An Alabama man recently purchased a $5 Georgia lottery instant ticket at a Marietta gas station. Little did he know that he would get lucky with his scratch-off.

Matthew Spraggins, from Phoenix City, Alabama, bought his scratch-off at a Chevron station in Marietta and went back home to Alabama $450,000 richer.

But Spraggins was not the only one to get lucky with the lotto in Georgia last month. Atlanta entrepreneur Michael Rutledge, also won $450,000 by playing the Georgia Lottery’s KENO game, which he bought at a Kroger in Atlanta. Rutledge explained that he used a personal combination of numbers and purchased a nine spot for 10 consecutive draws, selecting the multiplier option to increase his chances.

If you are moving to Atlanta this month, you could get lucky with the lotto too. Check out the Smoke Rise Chevron at 288 Powers Ferry Road, in Marietta, or the Atlanta Kroger off Peachtree Road S.E. like Spraggins and Rutledge did.

Atlanta movers want new residents to be winners, and for a small price, you could win big! Even if you are not moving to Georgia and are just passing through, a simple trip to the gas station could prove a trip worthwhile.

As spring sprung in Atlanta, so did the amount of pollen in the air. Just two weeks ago, the number of particles of pollen per cubic meter of air read 178. Now, the count is near 2,000. Atlanta moving companies want to warn new residents who are looking to move to the area that the Atlanta air might make your allergies kick-in, so be prepared.

Spokesman for Atlanta Allergy & Asthma, John Manasso, says that they do not exactly know what has caused the drastic increase of pollen in the air, but that the late snow in February could be a factor.

According to, “Last year, the count stayed below 1,000 throughout March before peaking at 4,054 on April 11. In 2013, the count peaked at 8,024, also on April 11, but in 2012, the March 20 count of 9,367 was the high mark for the year as well as being the highest pollen count ever recorded in Atlanta. The previous high this year was 232 on March 11.”

Despite the high pollen count, the air is supposed to clear up this month with the refreshing presence of rain.

Have you recently moved to Atlanta? Well, you’re just in time, because the famous Atlanta Braves begin their 2015 season tonight!

The season opening game takes place at Marlins Park at 4:00 p.m. and is expected to be a sell-out!

Atlanta moving companies are excited to be moving new residents into town on the cusp of baseball season, a big hit in town. If you move to Atlanta and are not yet a Braves fan, you better get ready to be!

Although the season is commencing with an away game in Miami, against the Marlins, Atlanta residents have already planned to make their Easter weekend travels to the sunny south, a bit longer so that they do not miss this important game. After all, what better way to kick off spring, than with Easter candy, sunny weather, and a baseball game!

The game is set to open with all-star Julio Tehran pitching for the second year in a row.

For Atlanta residents who may have been fans of reliever Craig Kimbrel and centerfielder Melvin Upton Junior, you will be sad to hear that they were traded this weekend, to the San Diego Padres.

Earlier this month, former Mayor Jim Sells listed the historic town of Grantville for sale on eBay, and he had no idea that his listing would receive the volume of attention it got.

“The phone is ringing off the hook and we’re enjoying it,” says Sells, who listed Grantville at a mere $680,000.

The small historic town has but just nine buildings, which include: a hair salon, a church, a pharmacy, and empty retail spaces.

Bought by Sells out of foreclosure during the 2008 recession, he explains how Grantville residents want to see the downtown space redeveloped again and brought back to life, a vision which is not far off.

Although it may seem like an old abandoned town as of present, Grantville has been a recent hot spot for movie and television producers alike; with one of the most popular The Walking Dead episodes, “The Clear”, being filmed there.

Patti Palmer, Downtown Development Authority Chair, stated that she wants whoever buys the property to maintain its small town charm.

“I would love to see a lot of independent businesses come in,” said Palmer. “Whether it’s a restaurant or a store that creates a heartbeat for downtown. I think that would be… I think that would set the whole thing on a great path.”

If you are new to Georgia, Peachtree City movers suggest that you take your family to see the remnants of The Walking Dead episode, through one of Sells’ tours, every day at 2 p.m.

25-year-old Thomas Chastain of Rockdale County, Atlanta, says that he was out of work and could not find a job, and that he feels the pain of the locally unemployed and wants to help.

“It was very hard for me,” Chastain said. “I went back to having to live with my parents and it was an all-around difficult task.”

The husband and father of one was struggling to find a job, but once he found work, he felt as if he should help to make it easier for others who are looking for work in Atlanta as well, stating that, “I’ve known friends, family, co-workers, teachers at my school even that were unemployed, and when they were unemployed I got to watch them struggle.”

Georgia currently has an unemployment rate of 6.9 percent, and Rockdale County, where Chastain is from, has a 7.9 percent unemployment rate – the highest in Atlanta.

In an effort to decrease the rate of unemployment in the area, Chastain called upon local employers to take part in a job fair, to occur every Wednesday, so that unemployed residents can come and see who is hiring, and local employers can meet potential candidates to fill their positions.

If you have recently moved to Atlanta and are struggling to find a job, Rockdale moving companies encourage you to attend Chastain’s grassroot job event, any Wednesday.

Earlier this month, Fulton County resident David Levins, reached out to Roswell police and the local media to warn anyone who is looking to list their house for sale on Zillow and Trulia, that scam artists have been targeting potential buyers.

It all started when Levins, a north Fulton homeowner, listed his Roswell home for sale on Zillow. Levins then started to receive mysterious phone calls asking if his house was the one for rent on Trulia.

“The first one I thought they were just mistaken, but by the fourth or fifth call I knew something was going on,” Levins explained.

After a few phone calls regarding his house, Levins asked one of the callers, who was from Florida, to send him a copy of the listing that they were referring to.  Levins noticed that the rental price was far below market and the description that was associated with pictures of his house, said that the owners would be out of the country for a few years and were looking for someone to take care of their home in the meantime. All in all, it was a scam to get renters to most likely pay some sort of security deposit, and first and last month’s rent in order to live in the home, that the renter would then realize is for sale by the real owner (Levins), and be conned out of money.

Flustered and concerned, Levins took charge and had the fake listing removed and got the Roswell police involved to trace the number and email address associated with the false listing.

If you are moving to Roswell, or anywhere, Levins wants to warn potential buyers or renters to never do business via email. If you cannot go to the home and physically see it and talk to someone who has proof of ownership, then stay away. This may be difficult if you are moving from out-of-state, but Levins encourages home buyers to take the time to view properties first.