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Moving is the third most stressful life event that people face. If you are moving to Atlanta this month, don’t let moving get the best of you. Don’t let the stress of moving to a new city hinder you from having the summer of your life! Have fun in Atlanta once you move and get out of the house! This June is breaking summer in the only way that Atlanta knows how – with so many things to do, there is no way you will be able to attend it all. Local moving companies enjoy the moving months of May, June, and July. School is out and families are taking advantage of the time that they have before the new school year, to move to a new home, a new town, and create a new start for next year. If you are moving to Atlanta this month, be sure to check out the festivals and fun in Atlanta for June:

  1. Festival of Chariots – June 5-7
  2. Southern Litfest – June 5-6
  3. Dunwoody Soap Box Derby – June 6th
  4. Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour – June 6th
  5. Virginia-Highland Summerfest – June 6-7
  6. Locomotive Celebration – June 6-7
  7. Fox Theatre Block Party – June 7th
  8. 2015 Animal Rescue Fair – June 7th
  9. Georgia Renaissance Festival – June 7th
  10. Magic Tree House at Elm Street Arts Village – June 10-24
  11. Slow Food Atlanta’s Ice Cream Social – June 20th
  12. Backyard Camping – June 27th
  13. Folktales by Firelight – June 27th

May is National Moving Month, and although it may be over, the moving season is not and there are things that you and your family should keep in mind this moving season. From April of 2014 to April of 2015, the Better Business Bureau received 30,149 inquires related to moving companies located in Washington alone. During that timeframe, 120 consumers filed reports and even lawsuits against moving companies; the majority of the issue being damaged or missing items.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Atlanta along with the BBB, have tips to make sure that your summer move goes as smoothly as possible:

  1. Double check that the Atlanta mover you hire has the proper licensing and insurance. You can check the MDOT and US DOT number online at the S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: Licensing and Insurance Public website.
  2. Reach out to as many moving companies as you can, receiving at least three estimates.
  3. Get everything in writing
  4. Check with BBB to see the mover’s rating and if there are any complaints filed against them.
  5. Download the free Moving Fraud Prevention Guide. Interstate moving companies are required to comply with federal rules and regulations, which includes registering with FMCSA. Go to the FMCSA website and search to see if the movers you received quotes from are registered movers and view their complaint history. Knowing your rights when it comes to moving your belongings is important, so you can take the appropriate course of action if anything does occur, and this site will give you all of the information you need, but All My Sons hopes you won’t have to go this far. If you do not need to move out-of-state, you may still want to hire a mover who is FMCSA registered, so that your move will be properly taken care of.

If you are planning on moving this year, know that you are doing a huge favor for local moving companies. Ever since the economic collapse of 2008, caused by faulty mortgage loans and resulting in many people losing their homes and losing faith in the home buying process, moving companies took a big hit. In just the past two years, the housing market has taken a turn for the better, and moving companies are too.

Atlanta movers are seeing more and more families move into neighborhoods and suburbs that have everything to offer – in the long term. Now, home buyers are being smarter about the process of moving, looking specifically for areas that have a history and future prediction of always doing economically well.

Josh Bloomer, president of Pony Express Moving Services in Jamaica Plain, says that the booming real estate market and boost in the moving industry, as well as the increased demand for homes, can be attributed to Google and online tools. He explains that over the past ten years, consumers have become more knowledgeable about doing their research before making any major, costly decisions – like buying a home or hiring a moving company.

After many years in the moving industry and seeing the fall and rise of moving companies since 2008, Bloomer’s tip to moving: get a recommendation from your friends, “Old-fashioned word of mouth is still the best way.”

School is finally out, and that means that local kids of all ages across Atlanta are participating in sports and summer programs. One sport in particular that is popular during summer, is baseball. For the first time in the history of the United States, there is going to be a national girl’s baseball tournament. Baseball – not softball.

The girl’s baseball tournament is being held by Baseball for All and will feature about a dozen teams from across the nation, one of which Atlanta movers are proud to say is from Metro Atlanta.

Eleven girls from the Atlanta area, between the ages of 10 and 13, formed the team known as the Georgia Peaches just a short two months ago. Many of the girls on the team formerly played t-ball, but most young girls typically move to playing softball around the age of 13, in order to play in national tournaments; since until now, that was the only option.

“Baseball is fun, more fun than softball. I am really excited to play on a team with all girls,” said 11-year-old Emma Tucker.

“I know girls can play baseball, and do anything just as good as boys,” said 10-year-old Gabi Yulo. “I think being on this team shows everyone what girls can do.”

If you are moving to Atlanta and you have a daughter who loves baseball, local Atlanta moving companies encourage new residents to get involved in the local girl’s baseball teams, so that we can continue to have an all-girls team participate in the new national tournament. We also hope that families will continue to move into the area for the many sports’ opportunities in Metro Atlanta.

If you are moving to Atlanta this month, Atlanta moving companies urge you to keep an extra watch out for deputies and do not use the emergency lane for passing during traffic!

In the afternoon, the Georgia 400 can be a nightmare during rush hour, causing a lot of drivers to use the emergency lane to pass other drivers who may be holding them up. However, these passing drivers are in for a rude awakening, since local deputies are now warning that they will be cracking down on tickets for anyone who is caught illegally using the emergency lane.

According to local resident Whitney Gardner, the traffic typically starts near exit 12 at McFarland Parkway and, “People are stuck for hours on that exit.”

For drivers who are desperately trying to get around slow traffic, the shoulder is their only escape, and the recent announcement from the sheriff’s office is frustrating.

“So it backs up, backs up and stays backed up. So I understand why they do it,” Gardner said.

But here’s where the main confusion comes in: the shoulder is actually legal for passing during the morning and afternoon rush hours, just south of the exit. Therefore, drivers are asking that local authorities make it legal for the entire strip.

“It did wonders for Windward Parkway in the mornings, so can’t imagine it wouldn’t help get people getting off here anyway; get them out of the way so other people can go on,” said one driver.

If you are moving near the Atlanta area, Roswell moving companies want you to know that there are many job openings in the area! The following places are looking to hire this month:

Store Manager – Lou & Grey Avalon — Ann, Inc.

Store Management Trainee — Kohl’s

Automotive General Manager — Jiffy Lube

Retail Senior Store Associates/Store Associates — Tuesday Morning

Retail Furniture Sales Associate / Home Entertainment Expert — Games & Things

Sales Associate, Retail Part Time — GNC

Cashiers / Sales Associates — Michaels Arts & Crafts

Full-Time Center Associate — UPS Store #0263

Store Associate — ALDI

G rocery Store Clerk Multiple Departments — Kroger

Sales Associate — PETCO

Sales Consultant — CarMax

Cashier Team Member — Target

Teller — BB&T

Restaurant Team Member Crew (374 Roswell) — Chipotle

If you are moving to Roswell and will be needing a job, you can visit

The monumentally massive Cyclorama painting will be relocating from its Grant Park home, to the Atlanta History Center, as per discussions that date back to July of 2014. Cyclorama will soon be located adjacent to Zoo Atlanta, in a new structure that will be built on the Buckhead campus of the history center. The move is said to draw extra attention and crowds to Zoo Atlanta, so if you are moving to the area, you can visit the large painting, while taking a trip to see your favorite wildlife.

Moving Cyclorama came as just part of a multimillion dollar deal to expand upon the Zoo. Zoo Atlanta recently announced that they will be receiving up to a $20 million matching gift from the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, in order to build a “grand new view”, turning the former home of the Cyclorama, into a special events center. The construction of the new special events center will reshape the entrance of Zoo Atlanta, and redesign the African savanna exhibit. However, if Zoo Atlanta will only receive a “matching” amount, so they must raise as much money as possible for the rebuild.

“It’s only as powerful as the gifts that come along to match it,” said Zoo Atlanta president and CEO Raymond King. “If we only raise $2 million, then it’s only a $2 million grant.”

Raising the money for the “grand new view” may prove to be difficult, since the Zoo just finished a $23 million project – the largest in its history – to build a new reptile and amphibian center; which is set to open sometime next year.

If you are moving to Atlanta this year, Zoo Atlanta is going to be the hottest family attraction come the year’s end, if all projects are passed and completed.

If you are moving to Atlanta this month and are looking for some place to take your children to let loose during the day… take them to the only place in town that is 126 years old and entertains children by day, but adults by night.

That’s right – Zoo Atlanta is not your typical zoo…well, it is during the day, but at night the park turns into Wild on the Rocks. Wild on the Rocks is the Zoo’s monthly cocktails and creatures after-work party, and it kicks off on May 14th this year. The theme for May is “Scaly Slimy Spectacular”, and once a month, starting at 6 p.m., adults can exhibit the animals, enjoy live music from Jules and the Gents, taste cocktails, delectable food from food trucks, and view zoo-centric art from local Atlanta artists.

If you will not be in the area in May, you can still get in on the after-work parties on June 11 for the “Art with Animals” – animals that paint. You can also come July 9th for “Eat. Prey. Love” – discover the hunting and mating habits of the zoo animals, and August 13th for the “Sunset Scavenger Hunt”. Admission per event is $15 for Zoo members, and $20 for non-Zoo members. If you are not a Zoo Atlanta member- you definitely will want to become one after delighting in one of the Zoo’s adult nights!

If you are moving to Georgia, you will be joining one of the country’s greatest men, who loved the state as his retreat and second home. Throughout history, United States presidents have had their own, personal destinations for when they need to get away for a while and escape being the most powerful man in the world for a day or two. Thomas Jefferson frequented Monticello, George Bush had a ranch in Texas, and the Kennedy’s had a family-owned compound on Cape Cod. But for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Warm Springs, Georgia was his sanctuary.

In 1920, Roosevelt had run for vice president and lost. In 1921, he was diagnosed with polio. After hearing about a polio patient who benefited from swimming in the springs of Warm Springs, GA, he started vacationing there. It wasn’t long before Roosevelt fell in love with Warm Springs and continued to visit and swim in the springs throughout his entire presidency, even when Pearl Harbor happened; he called his sanctuary the Little White House.

In 1927, Roosevelt bought a 2,000 acre resort in the springs and turned it into a polio treatment center, not only for himself, but also for other polio patients.

If you are moving to Warm Springs, Warm Springs moving companies hope that you will love the area as much as Roosevelt did. There are many stories from the locals, of their children swimming with Roosevelt in the springs, like many polio patients have.

In 1945, the beloved president was posing for a picture at the Little White House and fainted from a pain in his back, he never woke up and was buried in Warm Springs.

If you are new to the area, be sure to check out this very popular and serene Georgia destination.

Don’t live in Georgia? That’s okay, you can still win the GA lotto…apparently.

An Alabama man recently purchased a $5 Georgia lottery instant ticket at a Marietta gas station. Little did he know that he would get lucky with his scratch-off.

Matthew Spraggins, from Phoenix City, Alabama, bought his scratch-off at a Chevron station in Marietta and went back home to Alabama $450,000 richer.

But Spraggins was not the only one to get lucky with the lotto in Georgia last month. Atlanta entrepreneur Michael Rutledge, also won $450,000 by playing the Georgia Lottery’s KENO game, which he bought at a Kroger in Atlanta. Rutledge explained that he used a personal combination of numbers and purchased a nine spot for 10 consecutive draws, selecting the multiplier option to increase his chances.

If you are moving to Atlanta this month, you could get lucky with the lotto too. Check out the Smoke Rise Chevron at 288 Powers Ferry Road, in Marietta, or the Atlanta Kroger off Peachtree Road S.E. like Spraggins and Rutledge did.

Atlanta movers want new residents to be winners, and for a small price, you could win big! Even if you are not moving to Georgia and are just passing through, a simple trip to the gas station could prove a trip worthwhile.