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A New York Times bestselling author and former Atlanta Journal Constitution reporter has purchased two beach front Atlanta homes and converted them into bed and breakfast cottages. Atlanta movers are happy to see a local coming back to her roots to reinvest in the community and restore these historic Atlanta homes.

The author is someone you might have heard of; her name is Mary Kay Andrews and she has written over 24 novels, most of which are in some way related to the beach and beach living. It’s no wonder she purchased those two beachfront Atlanta homes!

The new bed and breakfast cottages are located on the Atlanta Betline and Tybee Island; both locations are known for their absolutely beautiful beaches and scenery. Atlanta movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have been moving families into luxury homes there for years, and we love to drive by those beach views!

Both of these restored Atlanta homes where featured in the Better Homes & Garden and HGTV Magazines, and to say they are breathtaking would be an understatement. Both cottages have been decorated by renowned interior decorators and are open to the public as of last month.

Your Atlanta movers know that once you stay one night in one of these bed and breakfasts, you will have a hard time leaving. It’s just too bad you can’t move in and live in these fantastic Atlanta homes all summer long.

All My Sons Moving & Storage Atlanta movers know how important it is to save as much as possible when moving into a house. If you have been looking for affordable housing in Atlanta, you are in luck!

Federal funding was just approved to create two brand new housing projects in Mechanicsville. Some of the funding will also go to the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership to redevelop some existing homes. Home buyers will also be eligible for down payment assistance from the city.

The federal government has stated that affordable housing in Atlanta is a priority, and that the new housing projects will have a max sale cap in order to maintain an affordable price. Your Atlanta movers will be able to move you and your family into these new homes as soon as they are completed next year.

This latest move to reintroduce affordable housing in Atlanta reflects a change in the mindset of government officials who are now focused more on housing than others are. The greater Atlanta community has been shifting more and more focus onto local officials asking them to create legislature that would clean up blighted areas, and also create housing programs.

The project will total close to $800,000, but we cannot put a price on how much it will positively affect the families that move in or the community at large.

Atlanta movers are sure that the new affordable housing will be welcomed by the Atlanta community! The housing project will begin construction on Doane and Cooper streets.

This is a friendly reminder from All My Sons Moving & Storage, your local Atlanta moving company, that Father’s Day is Sunday June 19th this year! Don’t forget to treat dad right, and perhaps even treat him to one of these suggested activities of how to celebrate Father’s Day in Atlanta this year.

Jeff Ross

The Roast Master General will be performing at the Variety Playhouse on Saturday June 18th. Jeff Ross is known for his edgy comedy and crowd involvement, and you might remember him from almost every Comedy Central Celebrity Roast. His stand up is guaranteed to be a night of laughs for all.

The Atlanta Braves vs. Boston Red Sox

The Braves vs. Red Sox game on Saturday June 18th is a fantastic way to spend Father’s Day in Atlanta this year. If your dad’s in the mood for some hot dogs and a ball game, then Turner Field is your spot. There will be so many hot dogs you’ll have to call the local Atlanta moving company to get them into the stadium!

BBQ & Blues Fest

If your dad’s the kind of guy that likes a relaxing time, then perhaps a little smooth blues and good eating is just what he needs. Stop by College Park’s Wolf Creek Amphitheater the Saturday before Father’s Day in Atlanta for more.

Father’s Day at Six Flags

For dads who prefer a little more action and adventure, the rides at the Six Flags Father’s Day event will keep him entertained. Bring a camera and be sure to snap a shot of dad on the bumper cars.

On behalf of the family owned and operated All My Sons Moving & Storage we would like to wish all the dads in Atlanta a happy Father’s Day from your local Atlanta moving company!

Southwest Atlanta homeowners want to clean up some of the older properties and they are asking local officials to help them in the fight against the blight. Mayor Kasim Reed and his aides are in the process of creating the budget for the next fiscal year, and the “blighter fighters,” members of 11 local neighborhood organizations, are calling for more funds to be allocated to the destruction of dilapidated buildings.

One budget estimate puts the total amount needed to demolish all the dilapidated homes in Atlanta at just over $7 million. That would allow for the city to knock down roughly 500 of these homes in Atlanta. “Blighter fighter” groups are using a study conducted by Immergluck that found the blight was costing the city millions of dollars in unpaid tax already, which means raising the buildings would actually be a long term money saving option for all Atlanta homeowners.

This sort of citizen fight has given many Atlanta homeowners hope and caused quite a stir in the local community, including with local Atlanta movers. Community members want to tear down these houses so new developments can be created that will only benefit the community as a whole. The more local Atlanta movers they see coming into the town, the better it will be for the town itself.

All My Sons Moving & Storage has a local movers blog dedicated to news about the Atlanta area. If you want to learn more about Atlanta or your local Atlanta movers, please feel free to check out our blog.

New to the Norcross area or deciding whether or not you want to move to Norcross? Well how about we take a look at this list from All My Sons Norcross movers of fun things to do in the area and see what Norcross is all about.

Stone Mountain Park – For only the price of parking ($10), you get to experience the great Georgia outdoors at Stone Mountain Park. With breath taking scenery and the kind of weather that’s perfect for a picnic, you’ll be there every weekend when you move to Norcross.

Disc Golf – Learn a new sport in your new town! Allegedly, disc golf is what Tiger Woods really wanted to be good at. The Alexander Park disc golf course is sure to keep you challenged and engaged as you learn, making it one of the more unusual things to do in Norcross.

Chamberlain’s Chocolate Factory – The Norcross version of Charlie and The Chocolate factory except it’s not run by a madman who looks like Johnny Depp. Great tours through a real life chocolate factory. Learn how chocolate is made and the history of the sweet treat. Although all of us Norcross movers know what you really want, and that’s the free samples!

BAPS Hindu Temple – This tour is the best thing to do in Norcross. The visuals, colors, and serenity within the walls of the temple will bring even the most stressed patron down to a nice calming vibe. The tour is free and the memories are priceless.

Well howdy there! So you’re looking for Marietta Ga apartments to rent and you’ve landed yourself at the All My Sons Marietta movers page. The great news about moving to Marietta is that there are some really great options for cheap apartments in the area. Marietta is a metropolitan area with a suburban vibe, which means the apartments for rent are cheap but the area is bustling and alive.

Rather than list all of the available apartments in Marietta Ga, here is a list of the neighborhoods in the city with a corresponding estimate of rent prices in those neighborhoods.

Downtown Marietta – Charming and exciting at the same time! Apartments in downtown Marietta start at around $700 for a studio apartment, and standard apartments run about $660 for a two-bedroom /two-bathroom setup. Not bad at all.

North Marietta – This is the more affluent of the suburbs around the city. That being said, the rent is not bad at all. A one bedroom will run you about $575 a month. If you are looking for Marietta Ga apartments for rent, you probably couldn’t get any better than this list of terms for neighborhood quality and price.

East Marietta – Bigger homes and bigger prices. If you are moving to Marietta from a larger apartment of even a home, it might make sense to get a large apartment to rent in Marietta. If that’s the case, then look into the East Marietta area. A two-bedroom apartment in the East Marietta area will usually run you about $720 per month. Not bad for the size and perfect for young couples or young families who are moving to Marietta.

The Atlanta airport has maintained its crown as the busiest airport in the world. That’s right, not just in the US but in the entire world. And it’s not just the people who are moving to Atlanta that are coming through those gates; the Atlanta airport (Hartsfield-Jackson) is in a prime location to make it a pit stop for a lot of international flights. If you have ever been on a plane while moving to Atlanta and you glanced out the window to the terminal, you’ll usually see a variety of airline logos on wings. Air flight companies from all over the world use the Atlanta airport as their pit stop.

Last year, the Atlanta Airport handled a record setting 101.5 million passengers. This marks the 18th consecutive year that Hartfield-Jackson has won the award for the busiest airport in the world; however, there are some downsides that come with the crown of world busiest airport. If you’re moving to Atlanta do not judge the city by its airport. Whereas Atlanta itself is a laid back city, the Atlanta Airport is anything but. Most people would pick two words to describe the airport: lines and waiting.

The airport is absolutely massive. A train has to take you from terminal to terminal. Then when you arrive, you can expect to sit in lines and checkpoints that take sometimes as long as one hour to get though during the peak times. Of course this is not always the case. After 18 years of dealing with this many travelers, the Atlanta airport administration has become quite good at streamlining the process.


So your son or daughter is moving to college. This is an exciting time! First, All My Sons College Park movers would like to wish them good luck as they begin this important chapter in their lives! Part of moving to college is getting the right start. As a parent, you want to be there to send them off the right way and make sure that they have everything they need. For that reason we have compiled a list of affordable hotels in College Park.

You might need to stay an extra day to make sure your child is settled in, or to solve any last minute issues that came up after arriving. Some parents take an extra day to get some rest before the drive home. Here is a list of some of the affordable hotels in College Park.

Quality Inn & Suites – Free Wi-Fi and breakfast. Rooms at the Quality Inn are affordable and if all you need is to stay a night to get some rest after all that moving to college business, then it’s more than perfect for your needs.

Super 8 College Park – Probably the cheapest hotel in the area, Super 8 includes free Wi-Fi and breakfast. If a bed is all you care about, it’s the place to go.

Econo Lodge – The highest rated on the list of budget hotels, the Econo Lodge is a great spot that meets somewhere in between high end and cheap.

Take a break from all that unpacking and go out and see Atlanta. Spring is here, and this warm and charming Southern city is brimming with fantastic opportunities for great spring day trips in Atlanta. All My Sons Atlanta movers has traveled all over the streets of Atlanta, and in doing so we concocted a list for new comers to take a look at. The Atlanta locals would agree that the items on this list make up three of the best spring day trips you will ever find.

Atlanta Beltline – The newest addition to the Atlanta scene is the Beltline. This spot is one of the best spring day trips in Atlanta because it’s all outdoors. Pet friendly and art enthusiastic with great food and live music, this is a great spot to check out the local culture and to get a taste of that warm Southern charm.

Six Flags Over Georgia – You’ve heard of and you might have even been to a Six Flags in your time, but we can guarantee you have not been to any Six Flags like the one in Atlanta. Just recently the park introduced a new hybrid zero gravity drop slide. The water park is great for everyone, but the drop slide is there for the brave and daring.

Old Fourth Ward – If the party scene is more your taste, then hear ye hear ye for the great Old Fourth Ward pub crawl. Emerging as one of the hippest spots in Atlanta, this neighborhood has got some of the best food and drinks to be had in Atlanta. Definitely one of the best spring day trips in Atlanta, you might even want to get a hotel and spend the night too.

If you’re looking for great barbeque in Atlanta, you’re on the right track. To get really great authentic barbeque, you need to get it from the south. The secret to a great barbeque sauce is… well, we have our own recipe at All My Sons, the Atlanta movers, but we can’t share that; it’s a secret! If you’re new to Atlanta, one of the first things you have to try is the barbeque. It’s a staple here and one of the most iconic parts about living in the south.

Before you decide to throw your own barbeque in your backyard, check out some of the local Atlanta barbeque hotspots and see how it’s done.

Fox Bros Bar-B-Q – One of the highest rated barbeque joints in Atlanta is definitely Fox Bros Bar-B-Q. Reasonably priced and unreasonably delicious, they have mouthwatering barbeque that’ll knock your socks off.

Daddy D’z BBQ Joynt – Oh my! That’s what you’ll be saying after the first bite. Daddy D’z is another one of the top notch little gems of the Barbeque in Atlanta scene. Just some really good eating. And the sauce? Oh my!

Grand Champion BBQ – If you are looking for ribs so tender and delectable that they fall off the bone, then you need to check out Grand Champion BBQ. It’s the type of barbeque in Atlanta that needs to be experienced to be understand.

Heirloom Market – This is an odd addition to our southern barbeque list, but it’s also a really great spot for barbeque. But what makes this so different? It’s a hybrid recipe of Korean and Southern style barbeque – hey, don’t knock it until you try it! The sweet flavors of the Korean style with the smoky flavors of the Southern style make this local barbecue in Atlanta a stop you don’t want to miss.