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Earlier this month, former Mayor Jim Sells listed the historic town of Grantville for sale on eBay, and he had no idea that his listing would receive the volume of attention it got.

“The phone is ringing off the hook and we’re enjoying it,” says Sells, who listed Grantville at a mere $680,000.

The small historic town has but just nine buildings, which include: a hair salon, a church, a pharmacy, and empty retail spaces.

Bought by Sells out of foreclosure during the 2008 recession, he explains how Grantville residents want to see the downtown space redeveloped again and brought back to life, a vision which is not far off.

Although it may seem like an old abandoned town as of present, Grantville has been a recent hot spot for movie and television producers alike; with one of the most popular The Walking Dead episodes, “The Clear”, being filmed there.

Patti Palmer, Downtown Development Authority Chair, stated that she wants whoever buys the property to maintain its small town charm.

“I would love to see a lot of independent businesses come in,” said Palmer. “Whether it’s a restaurant or a store that creates a heartbeat for downtown. I think that would be… I think that would set the whole thing on a great path.”

If you are new to Georgia, Peachtree City movers suggest that you take your family to see the remnants of The Walking Dead episode, through one of Sells’ tours, every day at 2 p.m.

25-year-old Thomas Chastain of Rockdale County, Atlanta, says that he was out of work and could not find a job, and that he feels the pain of the locally unemployed and wants to help.

“It was very hard for me,” Chastain said. “I went back to having to live with my parents and it was an all-around difficult task.”

The husband and father of one was struggling to find a job, but once he found work, he felt as if he should help to make it easier for others who are looking for work in Atlanta as well, stating that, “I’ve known friends, family, co-workers, teachers at my school even that were unemployed, and when they were unemployed I got to watch them struggle.”

Georgia currently has an unemployment rate of 6.9 percent, and Rockdale County, where Chastain is from, has a 7.9 percent unemployment rate – the highest in Atlanta.

In an effort to decrease the rate of unemployment in the area, Chastain called upon local employers to take part in a job fair, to occur every Wednesday, so that unemployed residents can come and see who is hiring, and local employers can meet potential candidates to fill their positions.

If you have recently moved to Atlanta and are struggling to find a job, Rockdale moving companies encourage you to attend Chastain’s grassroot job event, any Wednesday.

Earlier this month, Fulton County resident David Levins, reached out to Roswell police and the local media to warn anyone who is looking to list their house for sale on Zillow and Trulia, that scam artists have been targeting potential buyers.

It all started when Levins, a north Fulton homeowner, listed his Roswell home for sale on Zillow. Levins then started to receive mysterious phone calls asking if his house was the one for rent on Trulia.

“The first one I thought they were just mistaken, but by the fourth or fifth call I knew something was going on,” Levins explained.

After a few phone calls regarding his house, Levins asked one of the callers, who was from Florida, to send him a copy of the listing that they were referring to.  Levins noticed that the rental price was far below market and the description that was associated with pictures of his house, said that the owners would be out of the country for a few years and were looking for someone to take care of their home in the meantime. All in all, it was a scam to get renters to most likely pay some sort of security deposit, and first and last month’s rent in order to live in the home, that the renter would then realize is for sale by the real owner (Levins), and be conned out of money.

Flustered and concerned, Levins took charge and had the fake listing removed and got the Roswell police involved to trace the number and email address associated with the false listing.

If you are moving to Roswell, or anywhere, Levins wants to warn potential buyers or renters to never do business via email. If you cannot go to the home and physically see it and talk to someone who has proof of ownership, then stay away. This may be difficult if you are moving from out-of-state, but Levins encourages home buyers to take the time to view properties first.

Are you moving to Atlanta and have a ginormous sweet tooth? Buckhead moving companies want to welcome not only new residents, but new cupcake residents Georgetown Cupcake!

Georgetown Cupcake will be opening their sixth location this Saturday, at the new Buckhead Atlanta shopping development.

In honor of their local opening, Georgetown Cupcake will be giving each customer one free cupcake of their flavor choice, all day on Saturday, March 7th!  The new store’s Saturday hours are noon to 9:00 p.m., so if you want your free cupcake, make sure that you make it in on time!

What is Georgia known for? Its peaches of course! And Georgetown Cupcakes will be including their Georgia special – “Atlanta Peach” cupcakes.

“We are so excited to finally bring Georgetown Cupcake to Atlanta! We love the southern hospitality and charm of this beautiful city, and can’t wait to share our cupcakes with everyone here,” said sisters and co-owners Katherine Kallinis Berman and Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne.

The two sisters are stars of TLC’s hit show DC Cupcakes and are national best-selling authors of The Cupcake Diaries and Sweet Celebrations.

The new location’s open kitchen design will allow customers to be able to see their cupcakes being made; although, they will not be able to see the secret ingredients in the batter that make Georgetown Cupcakes one-of-a-kind.

Looking for the next big Atlanta restaurants? Looking for new Atlanta restaurants? Want reviews and exclusive pictures of Atlanta restaurants before you have a poor dining experience? Check out Atlanta’s best food blog Eat It, Atlanta!

Towards the tail end of January, the popular Atlanta foodie blog featured Qing Mu, what Eat It, Atlanta author Jimmy explains is “the latest “concept” from Aoki Group just opened in the new Buckhead development, next door to their sushi restaurant, Doraku, which has locations in Miami and Hawaii. The word doraku roughly translates to “trendy tourist spot”. But seriously (will be here all week) Doraku looks decent enough and I guess that’s what I’d say about Qing Mu.”

Although Eat It, Atlanta does not praise the new restaurant in its entirety, he says that it is one of few in its kind for the area, so for a “ramen” place to eat, residents should check it out…at least once. Jimmy also credits the new Asian inspired restaurant for having pleasant service, fresh ingredients, and a build-your-own soup bar.

Local movers have been dining at the new Atlanta restaurant and we recommend giving it a try if you like fresh food and a happy atmosphere. Create a happy atmosphere in your new home, by letting our moving professionals take complete care of your belongings and your move, so that you can enjoy some fresh, hot soup!

Believe in Deja vu? The nation is living in the movie Groundhog’s Day as it celebrated 2015 with Atlanta’s General Beauregard Lee.

“You should still prepare for winter, just in case! No shadow! Beau predicts an early spring in the Sunny South,” says The Game Ranch: The Official Tweet of General Beau Lee at the Yellow River Game Ranch’s page, after the locally famous groundhog did not see his shadow in the 44 degree Atlanta weather.

And although Atlanta may see an early spring, General Beau Lee’s perhaps long distance relative Punxsutawney Phil brought Pennsylvanians the awful news of a longer winter.

Even though our trusty groundhog has called for warmer weather soon, this month’s weather forecast shows low temperatures, and rain and snow threats, so be sure to dress warm for now and check your news stations for daily weather and traffic updates, as schools were closing due to snow earlier this month.

If you are moving to Atlanta, the good news is that if you move six weeks from now, you may enjoy a warmer move and have a much less chance of getting frostbite. However, Atlanta moving companies are ready to move you and your family to our great city, rain or shine, snow or sun!

In case you haven’t already heard, this month is Free Coffee Month at Chik-fil-A! So what’s the catch? There is none! Anyone can visit their local Chik-fil-A during business hours and receive one free iced or hot coffee, per day.

So why the all-of-a-sudden coffee generosity? In mid-2014, Atlanta-based Chik-fil-A partnered with specialty-grade THRIVE Farmers coffee, and the famous food chain believes in their new coffee so much, they are willing to give it out completely free, every day, nationwide, for the entire month of February…because they know you will like it so much that you will come back in March!

Don’t think that “specialty-grade” coffee means much to you? Here are some coffee facts: only 10 percent of the coffee consumed worldwide meets the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s standards as being specialty grade. So stop by your local Chik-fil-A during the month of February and get a true taste of quality coffee.

But you may want to come back more often, once you are aware of the fact that THRIVE Farmers coffee’s revenue goes straight towards the family farmers in Central America. Atlanta’s family of movers wants to help your family move, and ask your family to help other families as well. Through Chik-fil-A’s cup of coffee sales, THRIVE Farmers coffee will be able to help its network of family farmers earn ten times more money than traditional farmers in foreign markets.

PAWS Atlanta is one of the city’s largest animal adoption / animal awareness efforts. They offer pet adoption services, low-cost vaccinations, spay and neutering, discount health preventatives, behavioral training, dental services, a pet food bank, and educational classes and services for pet owners.

PAWS Atlanta is also solely funded by donations, grants, and fundraising efforts.

This past weekend, PAWS held special events to celebrate the Kitten Bowl; hosting a watch party for the Hallmark Channel’s event, and offering buy one get one free cat adoptions.  Last year, the event was a huge success, resulting in 200 kitten adoptions. This past Saturday and Sunday, Atlanta residents flocked to PAWS Atlanta’s Kitten Bowl viewing and kitten adoption drive from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

If you are moving to Atlanta and you and your family love animals, consider volunteering for PAWS. If you have pets and could use assistance when it comes to taking care of their medical needs, don’t miss My Furry Valentine at CityDog Market on Valentine’s Day, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., for free Heartworm Testing, microchipping, and Smooch-A-Pooch Kissing Booth. To find out more information on PAWS events or how you can help, visit their website at

Millennials are classified as the generation who were born after 1980 and before 2000, and they can take the seldom critical beating from the older generation for not being “educated” or as “in-tune” with the world surrounding them as they “should” be.

Their social media savviness may anger elders when they are constantly staring at their cellphones; however, Millennials’ use of social media has made them the biggest givers in the country.

Millennials’ expertise in social media has raised A LOT of money; the largest two: Movember and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In fact, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a Millennial invention that set records and created the largest growth in awareness for the disease of ALS-Lou Gehrig’s disease.

But out of all Millennials, who are the most generous? Women. 91 percent of female Millennials give money to charity each year, despite their student loans.

Although Millennials got their start during the largest economic depression since the Great Depression, they are the model citizens for giving back in America.

Since Atlanta is ranked as one of the most affordable cities for Millennials, if you are moving to the area and have a charity or fundraiser, getting some of our local Millennials on board your campaign will do it wonders. If you are a Millennial and are moving to Atlanta, let our local moving company donate our time to you, by letting us take care of your move.

Last week brought great news for current and future Atlanta residents who are in need of jobs, when Governor Nathan Deal announced that Mercedes-Benz will be moving their North American headquarters to the metropolitan city.

Deal explained how the addition of the Mercedes headquarters is a great success for the city and promises to bring a lot of jobs, but so many that the governor would not say exactly how much.

In his words, “It is a sizable number from what I’ve been lead to believe. It is also sizable in terms of the per job salary, which is also a great contribution. But there are many other intangible benefits, as you know, when you have a company of this type, when you have that many employees and their families, they impact the economy significantly.”

Although Deal did not go into much more detail from there, residents who may have some automotive experience and who are job-hunting can benefit from the major brand coming to town.

If you are considering moving to Georgia, Atlanta moving companies want you to be aware of all of the capital city’s living accommodations, amenities, and extensive job opportunities for all ages. All My Sons of Atlanta can take care of all of your moving needs, so that you can run to Mercedes and start working, today!