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Sure, living in Atlanta is pretty awesome, but do you know what is even better? Weekend road trips.

After living in Atlanta for long enough, one day you will wake up and realize that you have become like all the other locals. Your close proximity to one of the biggest airports in the world and the wealth of culture all around you will no longer excite you; in fact, some may even go so far to say that you take living in Atlanta for granted.

However, with the help of All My Sons Moving & Storage, there is still hope. While the sun is still out and before your kids are back in school, check out this list of the best weekend road trips to take in Atlanta this summer and hit the road.

Greenville. In the same amount of time it takes to catch a movie at the theater, you could be spending the weekend in South Carolina instead. Take a break from living in Atlanta and make the two-hour drive to Greenville; once there, get ready to spend the weekend exploring the city’s waterfalls, state parks, and nature trails.

Hilton Head. This is one of the weekend road trips that sets the tourists from the locals apart. Hilton Head is one of the most well-known vacation destinations in South Carolina, which you will quickly see why once you are there. Break out of your normal routine while living in Atlanta, and instead spend the weekend kayaking with dolphins (yes, dolphins!), and unwinding at local barbecue joints.

Before you know it, the leaves will be changing colors and you will be asking your Atlanta movers to unpack your fall sweaters and boots first.

While you may be wishing that the cold weather would just hurry up and get here already, that doesn’t mean that you should waste your days inside. Get outside and enjoy the warm weather with this list of the three Atlanta activities to add to your summer bucket list.

1. Have a picnic. Your Atlanta movers will be the first ones to tell you that you have not truly begun to live like a local until you have had your first picnic in Piedmont Park. Out of all the Atlanta activities, make sure to put this one at the top of your summer bucket list – trust us, once the temperatures start to drop, you’ll be kicking yourself for not taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

2. Go to the gardens. While Atlanta is known for many things, the Atlanta Botanical Garden tops the list of locals, tourists, and your Atlanta movers alike. Since it is not the same once fall rolls around, make sure you take a trip to visit the garden grounds before summer is over.

3. Watch the Falcons practice. What better way to get a local’s look into your new home team other than by taking a trip to Flowery Branch in order to watch the Falcons practice? This is one of the Atlanta activities that your whole family will be able to enjoy.

Considering the fact that we have been helping families move to Atlanta for over 25 years, we here at All My Sons Moving & Storage know just how hard it is to make time to stay in shape amongst all the packing and unpacking.

Luckily, peaches are not the only thing that Georgia is known for; the ATL takes its fitness very seriously, which you will quickly find out once you get settled in. While some of the gym memberships can get a little pricey, there is a silver lining; simply leave your wallet at home and use this list of the best free places to workout in Atlanta.

Silver Comet Trail. Are you looking for plenty of room to workout in Atlanta? With over 62 miles of trails throughout Cobb, Paulding, and Polk counties, this will have exactly the open spaces you are looking for.

Coan Park. After spending so much time on your move to Atlanta, chances are you are ready for some green open spaces. Head to Coan Park in order to take advantage of their tennis and basketball courts, softball and soccer fields, and outdoor fitness equipment – all for free!

Blankets Creek. So you insisted on hauling your bike with you during your move to Atlanta, but now you have no idea where to ride it. Make your way on over to the mountain bike trails at Blankets Creek and consider your problem solved.

While packing and moving to Atlanta may not be fun, that doesn’t mean you can’t let loose once you are settled into your new home. In fact, part of the allure of the ATL is the fact that there are so many activities to do.

Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we worry about the details of moving so you don’t have to. In order to make sure you enjoy the sunshine before fall rolls around, leave the packing to us while you go have fun at these August events in Atlanta.

Jazz on the Lawn – August 5. One of the first things you must do after moving to Atlanta is to spend a day outside listening to some of the best jazz you will hear in the south. Held all summer long until August 5, this is one of the best events to bring the whole family to.

Atlanta Bar-B-Q Festival – August 12 – 13. Do you love delicious food? How about free entertainment for your kids? And are you a fan of live music? For all those who answered yes, get ready to add the Atlanta Bar-B-Q Festival to your list of favorite events in Atlanta.

Imagine Music Festival – August 26 -28. One of the best parts about moving to Atlanta is the constant stream of amazing music concerts making their way through the city. Voted one of the top 30 festivals in the world, Imagine Music Festival features numerous stages with the world’s top artists, DJ’s, bands, and cirque style acts and performances.

If you are moving to Atlanta with your family this summer, you may want to consider engaging in some fun family bonding activities. After all, it is a great way to promote teamwork within your family so that you can all efficiently adjust to the move. If you can’t think of activities that are suitable for a large range in ages, All My Sons is here to help! We have compiled a list of ideas for you to consider to get started on your goal enjoying some family bonding time.

Conduct a science experiment. Science is the subject that encourages people to ask questions about the way the world works. All My Sons believes that you should promote science in your house by introducing a probing question into the conversation that can only be answered by experimenting. Then, gather your family members and experiment together. You could use ingredients from your kitchen, plants from your backyard, or even beauty products.

Make an artistic masterpiece together. Explore everyone’s creative side by encouraging your family to join you in creating a remarkable masterpiece. You can use paint, pastel, or even clay. Work together to make something worth showcasing in your home.

Do a puzzle together. This is a rather relaxing activity that you can all work on together after dinner. It appeals to all ages, and it forces your family to sit together and work towards a common goal.

If you are concerned about staying healthy after moving to Atlanta, there are many effortless ways to do this. You can continue enjoying your new city, Atlanta, and optimize your health at the same time. If you would like some simple tips about how to go about this lifestyle change, then check out these ideas from All My Sons!

 Don’t eat when you’re thirsty. If you are reaching for a snack, first you should drink ten sips of water. It is very common for people to confuse hunger with thirst. Water has a filling effect, which can prevent you from accidentally overeating. If you feel hunger pangs, drink a sufficient amount of water. If you are still hungry after drinking water, then you are truly hungry, and you should opt for a healthy snack.

Be mindful when you are eating. Do not sit in front of the television with a bag of chips. Many people make the mistake of eating out of boredom. All My Sons warns you to not make this mistake; it will only lead to overeating. Also, usually people gravitate towards salty foods that are usually devoid of nutrition.

Pay attention to what you are eating, and separate your time to eat with your other activities. Part of staying healthy after moving to Atlanta this summer is simply to eat more slowly and deliberately. Eating more slowly allows your body to digest your food better and know when it is full. If you eat too quickly, your body may not have the time to register that you are full.

If you love to go hiking with your pets, then you’re not alone! Many residents of Atlanta are animal and nature-lovers alike, and the city caters to them by providing hiking trails that welcome their pets. Who says you can’t have it all? The following listed are the best pet-friendly hikes around Atlanta, courtesy of All My Sons.

Sweetwater Creek Trails: There are four hiking trails at this location, and they are accommodating to animals. The trails vary in length and difficulty, and there is even a swimming hole to cool off in afterwards! It is an excellent park to observe the forest landscapes and relish in the beauty of the creek.

Arabia Mountain Trails: There are over thirty miles of hiking grounds to explore here. It is one of the best pet-friendly hikes because the trails are rocky and textured. There is so much to see. Bring your dog and check out the areas consisting of granite, forest, golden meadows, and gorgeous lakes.

Morningside Nature Preserve: Located on Peachtree Creek, this serene landscape contains vast forests and a quaint beach that is known around town as the dog beach. Bring your dog and spend some quality time with your companion. You can pack a lunch and a swimsuit, and splash around in the crystal clear water on a bright summer day.

Henry Mills Falls Trail: Bring your furry friend and go exploring this trail along Bear Creek. All My Sons would furthermore like to let you in on a little secret. There is an astounding waterfall you can witness south of Atlanta in Cochran Mill Park, as well as the opportunity to spot another waterfall at the trailhead.

There is so much to do in the great city of Atlanta. Upon moving to Georgia, you should take advantage of the novelty of the situation and the multitude of opportunities to explore the area. Luckily for you, All My Sons has the ultimate summer bucket list for you to soak up every minute this summer. Try to check off every suggestion on the following summer bucket list, and watch how with each experience All My Sons guarantees that you will become more familiar and secure in your new city.

* Attend a concert at Chastain Park. This park is the optimal venue for a number of well-renowned bands to perform in. Artists such as Steely Dan, Modest Mouse, and Kenny Rogers have performed here. Pick a concert, any concert, and go to it with a basket and make a picnic. Enjoy the live music and complement the experience with some snacks.

* Fourth Ward Park Splash Pad: Have some innocent fun and go running through this water attraction. On a hot summer day, it will be both refreshing and liberating to run wild for a few hours and cool down at the same time.

* Have a Popsicle at King of Pops: These popsicles are legendary to the residents of Atlanta. There are a variety of unique flavors, including the signature one, an Arnold Palmer Popsicle.

* Watch an outdoor movie at Atlanta Station: Every Thursday at dusk, this outdoor center plays a movie, free of charge! There are restaurants in Atlanta Station such as California Pizza Kitchen. Grab a bite to eat and check out the week’s viewing!

After moving to Atlanta, kick back and enjoy a refreshing glass of lemonade in your new city. There is nothing like an iced beverage comprising a unique blend of juices, especially on a hot summer day. Here is your ultimate guide to the best lemonade recipes to enjoy this summer in Atlanta.

Watermelon Lemonade: Combine 1.5 cups of lemon juice with five cups of freshly squeezed watermelon juice. Add ¼ cup of sugar and five cups of water to attain the perfect blend of sour and sweet. The effects will leave you tongue-tied!
Sparkling Pink Peach Lemonade: Add three peaches (blended or juiced) to lemon juice, sugar and water. To top it off, Atlanta movers recommend sprinkling some fresh mint on top.
Pink Lemonade Sherbet Punch: Mix together a can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate, one carton of raspberry sherbet, and two liters of seltzer water to create a fascinating concoction. It is a fruity treat for a sweet summer in Atlanta!
Lavender lemonade: This lovely creation consists of one cup of sugar, half a cup of lemon juice, seven sprigs of lavender, half a cup of lime juice, and two tablespoons of raw honey.
Mint Limeade: This refreshment is a tad different. Instead of the tangy lemon flavor, this drink blends 1.5 cups of fresh lime juice and two sprigs of mint.
Frozen Lemonade with Blackberry Puree: It contains ? cup of orange juice, two tablespoons of simple syrup, one pint of blackberries(juiced), and four fresh mint sprigs. This extravagant masterpiece is guaranteed to be your favorite drink of this summer in Atlanta.

There are so many alluring spots to visit after moving to Atlanta, especially if you are hoping for a date night. If you would like some ideas, then you have come to the right place. All My Sons of Atlanta would like to provide you with some hot spots to celebrate the night with someone special.

Doraku Sushi: The Asian cuisine is simply divine. There are items on the menu that appeal to sushi and your summer in Atlanta dining on fresh edamame and sake on the outdoor patio.
South River: Take a guided paddle ride along this river with your significant other. It is soothing and enthralling, all at the same time.
Old Fourth Distillery: After moving to Atlanta, take a tour and observe how this distillery utilizes fresh, organic ingredients to create some of the world’s finest vodka and gin. The products are old-fashioned, simple, and timeless. Have a taste test and share the joy of a good drink with someone you love.
Octopus Bar: Besides the incredible drinks this bar serves, it also serves as a venue for many shows and concerts during the summer in Atlanta. It remains open until 2:30am on weekends, and the cozy ambiance of the place will keep you coming back.